In the process of learning English these days , i want to find some useful apps to make me more effective,so, finding this app : “voa每日英语”  (by 2015.12.08) . This app seemed good until i saw the comments:

2015-12-15 14:31:52 的屏幕截图

Then i installed this app and see how it would act :


Every time when i open this app,it will automatically download ads! so i cracked this app and wrote this article to share with you.This app uses 360 Reinforcement to protect itself :

2015-12-15 14:42:18 的屏幕截图

The first step is to unshell this reinforcement ,  i edit Android Source Code (mainly modify this function :Dalvik_dalvik_system_DexFile_defineClassNative, i will tell you how i do this in another article some time later) to dump it’s original dex:

2015-12-15 14:41:28 的屏幕截图

Then we should modify AndroidManifest.xml :

convert to this:

and delete these two lines to remove ads:

any activities which want to run normally should state in AndriodManifest.xml, so delete ads’ activity’s statement from AndroidManifest.xml can make it never work.

Finially repack this app and install :


you can see the ads is gone! you can download the original app ,the unshell dex and the final cleaned app from this link :  ( xkgj )

This app is pretty good without ads ,having fun ^_^







    6 de fei qi


    Dalvik_dalvik_system_DexFile_defineClassNative(const u4* args,
    JValue* pResult)
    //get cookie
    int cookie = args[2];
    DexOrJar* pDexOrJar = (DexOrJar*)cookie;
    DvmDex* pDvmDex;
    //get DvmDex
    if (pDexOrJar->isDex)
    pDvmDex = pDexOrJar->pRawDexFile->pDvmDex;
    pDvmDex = pDexOrJar->pJarFile->pDvmDex;

    //if the descriptor is same with we set ,get pDvmDex->pDexFile

    Forgive my English, translated from google (*>﹏<*)


      i used the same method with you,but if you are familiar with Android Source Code,there are many other unshelling key points ^.^
      we can talk more about this~ btw i add your blog to my friendly link too.