Hi,everybody,it’s about half year from my last article.During which time, i went through a lot of things. At the end of 2016,i intend to make a summary for my 2016,so, this article will not talk about any of technology detail,instead,look back on my 2016 and make some plans for the upcoming 2017.One last thing,i’ll try my best to update my blog once a month at least~.

1.Graduate Life

It’s a tough journey to do graduation project,going across a large amount of literature material is not so easy.Luckily, graduated from USTC smoothly,about half year ahead of schedule.In my opinion,going to USTC was my most correct choice to this day.Thanks to everyone i knew during my graduate life!


From 2015.11 to 2016.6,i was lucky to join the KeenTeam(Tencent KeenLab) which was the most famous hacker groups in China as an intern. I am genuinely appreciative of the special experience at Keen.What strikes me most at Keen is not about technical progress but the people i knew and  the real information security circle i saw.These experience will never left my mind,expressing my heartfelt thanks again! The main reason for my leaving is the city, i have some strange feeling for Shanghai,just uncomfortable…On the other hand,the bedtime routine at Keen is unacceptable, about 12:00 to 22:00…

Then i went to Alipay of Alibaba.It’s totally different from Keen,working here is more effective and more productive.I got my first CVE during my internship in Alibaba,CVE-2016-6920,a heap overflow in ffmpeg, that was remarkable and significant for me.But that is not the end,i also found many vulnerabilities in Samsung mobiles,i will continue to update the newest state at my weibo(SuperSix666).

3.Daily Life

Working is not all of my life,i develop a habit of fitness.Usually,going to gym at least 2 or 3 times a week,wishing that i could be a muscle man in the future hahaha…

4.Future Plans

Now,it’s planning time. I have finished my one-year plan in the past two years,every time when i review these years,feeling proud of myself.Perhaps,it’s so tiny things that other people may not think worth taking a look at,but it is indeed a huge progress for me.

For the coming year,i hope i could achieve these goals:

  1. Get at least 10 CVEs
  2. Promote to P6
  3. Improve my spoken English(speak fluently)
  4. Read 3 books(economic、history、biography etc. except technology!)

Thank you for paying attention to my blogs!

Finally, wellcome to follow me at weibo(SuperSix666) ,i am a  newcomer ~